You can see our progress since 2010 below

The sun is shining, gleaming even, off the bonnet of one of the many Mk2 golfs sat outside of the office window. To the odd passerby or in-the-dark bystander, this place may look like an unkempt, run-down scrapyard. The kind of place where Volkswagen Golf’s, Corrados’ and the like come to die. But to the well-trained eye, the kind that knows, understands or maybe just appreciates good old fashioned mechanics, this is the place where the cars that most think of as scrap, come to be revived. Some need a little more than TLC (and I’m not talking the rivers and waterfalls kind there) or just a little weld & paint. Some require serious engine rebuilds, numerous parts, many long late nights, lots of swearing and countless cups of coffee poured into them just to make it to the weld and paint stage! But these cars also have another vital ingredient added to them in the process. Soppy as it sounds, these cars have one elusive thing that so many modern cars fail to have poured over them. Love. Sad as it sounds, I know that my husband, owner and founder of ‘The GTI Shop’ fundamentally LOVES his job, and the cars that come with that job. He loves the muck and grease and day to day grind that comes with working on cars like the Mk2 Golf that is just outside. I know this because he keeps coming back to them, and like hungry feral cats, they just keep on arriving outside the garage shutters. I swear it feels like every time I pop down, there’s another old VW in need of some help just hanging around.

The GTI Shop is a workplace that tolerates no ‘shit crack’ or ‘flip-flops/toe thongs’, but it fundamentally is a place run on love… and sweat, tears & coffee!

So, if you have a well-vested interest in old VW’s, ‘proper’ cars or just decent mechanics, done at decent prices, then pop down and visit us!

I can’t promise that the sun will be shining or even gleaming (this is the North East) but I can almost guarantee that there will be a MKW Golf outside.

-Kelly x